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Adcom GFA-555 MKII

The Adcom GFA-555MKII is a completely upgraded version of the famous GFA-555 projected by Nelson Pass. Its retains the power output of the original GFA-555 and reduces distortion when driving difficult loudspeaker loads.

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Carver TFM-15

The Carver TFM-15 Power Amplifier is one of the most well-known amplifiers designed by Bob Carver, president of Carver Corporation. As Bob Carver say, TFM-15 is capable of high simultaneous current and voltage output.

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Rotel RC-03

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INA209 Arduino Library

This article describe the use of the INA209 Arduino Library to control a Texas Instruments INA209 through I2C BUS communication with Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform.